Thursday, 5 April 2012

Garden Update

So after my last post.. my Garden area has improved a little bit more :)

We finally have a washing line now! I cannot express how happy having a washing line has made me.. haha. I've lived in this flat for 6 years now, and my lovely boyfriend finally put one up.
Watching washing blowing in the breeze..and drying in the sunshine.. it's relaxing somehow.
And I don't know, somehow the washing just feels different, and so much better when it has been blown and sun dried. And smells better too. So yes, a washing line has made me very happy.

Although yesterday I didn't get any washing done at all, as it was pouring down with rain and windy as anything all day. Very refreshing though. And then I was back at work today.. and it was sunshine. All day. Typical!

Just a quick photograph of my garden - before the windstorm yesterday anyway..

I have some sweet peas growing in the middle, which all got blown over yesterday, so I'm hoping I can save those and that they aren't destroyed. 
There is some lavender on the far left, and I have another pot waiting to go out. And I just adore my little hedgehog.

Anyway, a big improvement so far I think :)

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