Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A whole new project.. Gardening!

Another non crafty post today.. I will post something crafty soon enough. I do have plenty to blog about when I get the time. Still no luck on finding a time machine, unfortunately.

So, after being in the mood to watch "Just Like Heaven" and thinking about the lovely garden scenes in it.. I looked outside the window and saw the state of our yard/garden.
It used to be all tree sort of things, all leafy and green.. but then a new neighbour (that has thankfully moved out now! Long annoying story..) cut them down so they could walk their cat.
Since then, it has just shown how much rubbish is actually out there, and what a state it really is.

The before photos..

Not very nice is it? But, that's soon going to change... :)

I decided that it would look so much better if the rubbish was picked up, the dead branches cut down and some tubs outside with some lovely plants/flowers in.

And I finally want a washing line, having a clothes hanger in the living room is making our wall really really damp.

My wonderful boyfriend decided he would be great enough to help me on his day off, aww.
We were not too happy to find these among all the rubbish and leaves..

We called the council, and they are coming to collect them. I'm just so glad we didn't get pricked or something. I really don't like where we live. But, I hope to have our own little bit of heaven when we are finished.

This is how far we had got before our lunch break, which I think will turn into a rest of the day break. My feet are still absolutely killing from work, and now my boyfriend is sat down, he looks rather comfy..and I don't think I can pry him from his seat, haha.

The during photos..

And, hopefully, sometime soon.. there will be the "after" photos. I shall keep you posted!


  1. Looks like you've been really busy in the garden. It's hard work but it'll be really worth it in the summertime.
    Thank you for the trip to Beverley it brought back some lovely memories as we used to live there. Mind you I probably wouldn't recognize half the shops now, lol. Talking of shops, Milkchurn Cottage has closed but there is now an exciting new gallery open next door full of art and crafts. I must say I'm quite intrigued (read nosey) why you sell your lovely creations all the way over in Askrigg when you appear to live over in East Yorkshire, or do I have it all completely wrong? I'm putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5! teehee. Do you sell closer to home too?

  2. Hi, thank you for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it :)

    Beverley is lovely isn't it? I hadn't been before but I plan to go again, I had a lovely day. Hopefully next time I will get to take some photos of the Minster and explore a bit more.

    I'm sad to hear Milkchurn Cottage has closed down, as the day I visited Hawes was the day the shop was closed and I was hoping to get to look around this time.

    You are right, I live in Hull but I sell my things in Askrigg as my boyfriends Mum owns the shop "Next Door" so she said she would put some of my things in there for me. I'm so lucky!
    I dont sell my things closer to home, I have a facebook page and I have sold a couple of things there.. But I'm pretty new to all of it really.
    I dont know where to get started with shops such as Folksy/Etsy. It's all a bit daunting and I'm having to try and get over the "are my things good enough and how do I price this?" dilemma.

    I just need to find a time machine to get time to craft in between working. If only I could afford to not work and craft all day.. When I win the lottery! lol.

    Thank you again for your comment :)