Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Just one final update..

Happy Easter to you all!

Hope you all have a lovely and relaxing time whatever you decide to do! :)


  1. A very happy esater to you too!
    Thank you for popping by my blog....lovely to meet you!x

  2. Hi lovely meeting you and thankyou for following my blog,happy easter to you to and i really love your hexy cushion,its really sweet and i love the coloursxx

  3. Hello again sweetie.
    Thanks for replying, it all makes sense now. I just couldn't make the connection between Hull and Askrigg, it just seemed rather random, lol. It initially made me prick up my ears as the lovely Stephen who is our local postmaster keeps telling me that Jo would love my work and has suggested to me 3 times now that I ask her if she would like to sell some of my little bits and bobs. (Milkchurn vanished almost overnight and left me without a job.) As you're finding out it's not easy putting yourself out there and offering your 'makes' for sale. I too go through exactly the same thing, are they good enough, will they want them or will they secretly laugh at me, lol. It's not easy is it, laying yourself open and having your creations judged.
    Pricing is very difficult, as I've now been selling my work successfully for a couple of years I now know from experience that 'x' sells really well for 'y' price, but to start with it's pretty much guess work. What I will say though is don't undersell yourself. Value your work, because if you don't, other people won't either. It may not be politically correct but I often think, if a man made this, what what value would he put on his time and work? As women I think we often under value our skills.
    Finding the right place to sell your work is very important, as you now know, you need someone who values handmade and is willing to promote the fact to their customers. As for Folksy and Etsy, go for it. It costs very little only a small percentage, less than the commission a shop will take. I'm presuming that Jo didn't take any commission from you as you're family, lol. They're both really easy to use, I started with Folksy which is British. I must admit I don't use them to their full potential which is something I need to address this year.
    Gosh I've waffled for far to long sweetie. I must go, I've been asked for more felt brooches from Chapel Gallery as they have nearly sold them all in their first week.(which is lovely). Your hexy cushion is beautiful and must have taken a long time to handstitch all those little hexys together. Your choice of fabrics it excellent and I know it will be difficult to part with it if you decide to sell it.
    Anyhow I'd just like to wish you all the best with your sewing, I feel you're in exactly the same place I was about 5 years ago. Keep plodding on and I'm sure your dreams will come true.
    love Fi x