Thursday, 5 April 2012

Patchwork Hexagon Cushion

Ooh, two blogs in one day.. whatever next!

I finally did something with the patchwork hexagons that I started a few months ago..
Originally I planned to make a quilt for our bed with them..but when I figured out how many I would actually need to make a full size seemed a bit daunting really. And I decided for my quilt, I would need hexagons that are quite a bit bigger.

So, I pondered over what to do with them.. maybe make a small child's quilt like I did with this one..
(actually upside down, and I've finished the binding now)

Or maybe some pin cushions? But then, I decided, I'll make a cushion cover.
So, that's what I did, and here it is..

What do you think? Is it too busy? Or is it okay? I'm quite happy with it anyway. I really enjoyed sitting and hand sewing all the hexagons together whilst watching interesting television.

The cushion isn't the same on the back, it just has a lovely pink fabric which has pretty roses on it. Not sure if you can see it in this photo..

The only thing I plan on changing, is putting a little bit of velcro on the back, to secure the opening a little bit more. 

I'm really rather pleased with it :) Now I'm just debating whether to send it to "Next Door" for sale, or keep it for my bed... I suppose I could always make another one for my bed to match my quilt when I get around to that.

Has anyone ever done a patchwork hexagon quilt? How long did it take you? I'd be very interested to have a look if any of you would like to share :)


  1. I LOVE your hexagon cushion... Definitely not too busy at all, it looks very pretty and vintage-looking!!

    Louise xx

  2. Thank you! I was afraid I had made it a little too over the top, so thank you for putting my mind at rest.
    It's always good to hear it from someone else :)

    Hannah xx