Saturday, 30 March 2013

I'm back! :)

Oh, my dear blog. I have missed you!
I can't believe it has been so long since I last updated. 
To any readers, I sincerely apologise for being missing for so long. If there are any still here, thank you so much for sticking around!

I finally have a laptop that actually works, so I can get back to catching up on reading blogs and updating too. 

I'm so SO glad to be back! I really have missed reading all the lovely blogs that I do. But on the plus side, I guess I have a lot to read :)

I'm hoping that I can use Easter Sunday to do a proper update. 
I actually have the day off, which is going to be rather weird for me. As I work every single Sunday at a Supermarket that only closes on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. 

I'm sure I will feel lost, but I can't say that I will miss it.

Although I'm very pleased to have a laptop again, I've certainly noticed, even within just a few days, how much it changes my craftyness. 
While I didn't have a laptop, I spent more time actually crafting. And since I've got one again, and knowing what I was also like before.. I spent more time reading about and looking at other peoples crafting, rather than actually doing some.
Is that a problem for anyone else too?

As a welcome back to my blog, I will have a small giveaway. More details to follow tomorrow..

One thing I have been able to do, even without a laptop, is get addicted to Pinterest. Are any of my lovely readers on there? It's one website that my phone can actually handle me being on. So I've been able to get small crafty fixes whilst I've been away.

If anyone would like to follow me on there, I can be found here.

That's all for me tonight, I'm going to have a browse around my favourite blogs and then head to bed. And lose an But, at least I am off tomorrow, yay!

Happy Easter lovely blogland!

Hannah x

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