Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday The 13th

So, is Friday the 13th an unlucky day for you? Or do you just think it's a load of old phooey? I've had some Friday 13th with bad luck, but nothing really major. And then, probably just a coincidence. I wasn't too positive about having a job interview on today of all days though! But, fingers crossed.

I think quite a lot of it is if it's playing on your mind all day. But, one VERY good thing about today being Friday 13th, is that Film4 are showing the remake of the first Jason film with the very very handsome Jared Padalecki...
Anyway, onto some crafty business! I got it into my head, after singing the Rosie & Jim theme tune for about a week in my head (not quite sure how it got there!) that I wanted to make a Rag Doll. So, off to Hobbycraft I went in search of a suitable material and some fabric paints. 

It's going quite well so far. I hope to upload a photograph of it tomorrow when I get it finished. And then upload it to my Facebook page and keep my fingers crossed that I sell more things this year.

It would be a total dream to be able to make a proper living from selling my crafty creations, but isn't that every crafty persons dream really?
I mean, how many people can work all day at home, and possibly even in PJs if they choose to? Then to spend all day watching detective dramas whilst sewing and thinking of themselves as a rather good sleuth that would give Poirot a run for his money.. haha. 

I hope today has been a day of good luck to all of you and that nothing too bad has happened :)

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