Monday, 6 May 2013

A small transformation :)

A week or two ago, I bought this stool from a charity shop.

I didn't intend to keep it like this, I saw it and just liked the shape of the legs.
I thought it would be a good project, and thought it might make me use some of my lovely fabrics that I never want to cut into.

Anyway, after painting the legs in 'Pretty Pink' (would have preferred a more pastel/candy pink, but I think it looks okay) and pulling out tons of staples..
And then trying to pull out the rest of the staples that broke off, because it was so old and quite rusty..

I ended up with this. 
What do you think?
I'm pretty pleased with it.
I'm glad that I managed to get it finished today.
I actually had today off! I have two jobs, and got a bank holiday off... How did that even happen?! Not that I'm complaining :)
A little bit of prettyness to end the day off, I've felt quite ill all day, not sure why, just felt, I don't know.. off.
Hopefully I'll be back on top form tomorrow.

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday and got to enjoy some sunshine.



  1. Amazing Blog !!


  2. Very pretty! A lovely transformation. I have just bought furniture in my living room in this kind of style.