Monday, 1 April 2013


I want to start this post by saying I have no connection to Scentsy, I do not work for them, I just absolutely adore their products!

I was recently introduced to Scentsy (link to the page here) by a friend who knows my love of candles ( read as slight addiction to a well known brand of candle..) and lovely smells. 
I wasn't too sure about trying a new one at first. But she was kind enough to send me a couple of wax blocks of hers for me to smell, so I could see what they were like before I went ahead and bought some. That was more than enough.

They are absolutely gorgeous!

I bought this lovely warmer...

How beautiful is this? I absolutely love the tree on it. I was torn between this one that I bought, and a beautiful owl one. I decided on this one because it is a mid-size warmer because we live in a quite small flat.
Scentsy is a little bit different from a candle. 
How it works, is that you get this warmer (that you actually plug in, I didn't include the cable in the photo because I moved it somewhere clutter free to photograph) and you pop a small cube of wax in the top dish.
It's gradually warmed by a lightbulb that is inside the warmer, and gives off a lovely glow in the evening :)
Another plus for me is that even when the wax is melted, it doesn't get hot, it just gets nicely, as I'm quite clumsy and on a few occasions I have knocked wax on myself from candles, even if I do now, it wont hurt. 

These are the lovely scent blocks. In the front you can see a block of wax that you'd pop into the top of the warmer. The block in the photo is called "Just Breathe" and it smells amazing! I was feeling all stuffed up and I melted this wax block and felt so much better.

The Luna one has to be my favourite one so far though I think.

I'm looking forward to trying my "A Wink And A Smile" one as it smells lovely, and how cute is the name?

Anyway, enough of my Scentsy ramblings. Sorry if you think I'm trying to sell this to you, I'm not, I just wanted to share something lovely with you.


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  1. Thanks for the info on the candles. I recently saw some on youtube and wondered how they worked. I may have to purchase some now. I love candles too :)